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Rodriguez & Martinez Concert

Performing arts inspire, delight and engage people of all ages.

Sun Valley Museum of Art is committed to bringing world-class music, dance and film to the Wood River Valley, providing exceptional arts and cultural experiences for the community. These performances enhance the life of our community by offering patrons a view outside the valley and introducing them to new artists and genres as well as performers who are nationally and, in some cases, internationally renowned.

Taimane 2019 SVMoA Performing Arts Residency Series


2022/2023 Performing Arts Residency & Concert Series

Las Cafeteras — Oct 21, 2022
Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards — Jan 19, 2023
Sammy Miller & The Congregation — Feb 16, 2023
International Guitar Night — Mar 4 & 5, 2023
Parlor in the Round — Apr 7, 2023

Intimate public performances coincide with the in-school residency program offering our community the opportunity to share in these exceptional performers and performances.

SVMoA's Performing Arts Residency

A fundamental part of SVMoA's mission is to work in partnership with local schools to inspire students’ curiosity and develop their skills in improvisation, self-expression and critical thinking. SVMoA's Professional Artist Residencies impact thousands of students every year through classroom visits, workshops, presentations, classes and performances.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Funding for SVMoA’s 2022–2023 Performing Arts Residency & Concert Series comes from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, WESTAF (the Western States Arts Federation), and the National Endowment for the Arts; Carolyn & John Lloyd; Lloyd Construction; Bex Wilkinson and The Marshall Frankel Foundation; Scott Miley & Jane Rosen; Robin Leavitt & Terry Friedlander; Joyce Friedman in memory of Norman Friedman; Wood River Inn & Suite.

Upcoming Performing Arts & Concerts

Fri, April 07

Concerts & Performances
Parlor in the Round featuring Korby Lenker & Barbra Lica

CONCERT: Parlor in the Round

featuring Korby Lenker & Barbra Lica

7:30 PM

The Argyros


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