Vance Kirkland, part of The Color of Sound at Sun Valley Museum of Art
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Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 4:30 PM

Enjoy refreshments as you tour the exhibition with The Museum’s curators.

The Color of Sound explores the relationship between art and synesthetic experience. It features artwork by artists who are synesthetes—who experience synesthesia, the phenomenon by which certain people experience one sense through another—as well as work by artists who, though not synesthetes, seek to create synesthetic experiences for viewers. Synesthesia can take a wide variety of forms (perceiving letters or numbers as colors, for example, or associating a word with a scent or taste), but perception of sound as color or as shape has been particularly powerful for artists who have sought to convey synesthetic experiences. The artwork in the exhibition ranges from paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by the synesthetic experience of music to film projections and an immersive installation.

This tour takes place from 4:30–5:20pm.


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