2019 Play: Crimes of the Heart

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 1:30 PM

<i>Crimes Of The Heart</i> by Beth Henley<br>
June 26 – July 13, 2019<br>
Liberty Theatre, Hailey<br>
Directed by Scott Palmer<br>
Costume Design by Melissa Heller<br>
Scenic Design by Joseph Lavigne<br>
<b>The Family We Are Born Into</b><br><br>

The Magrath sisters are having a very, very bad day. How bad? Well, Babe just shot her husband, Meg is just out of the looney bin, and poor Lenny is celebrating her birthday alone in the kitchen by sticking a candle in a cookie. The horse got struck by lightning, Grandaddy is in the hospital, and not one of the sisters can figure out how to have a functional love life. Lemonade, y’all?<br><br>
Beth Henley’s Pulitzer Prize-winning <i>Crimes of the Heart</i> brings a twangy Southern style to a story that is equal parts comedy, tragedy, and family redemption. <br><br>
“While this play overflows with infectious high spirits, it is also, unmistakably, the tale of a very troubled family. Such is Miss Henley's prodigious talent that she can serve us pain as though it were a piece of cake." —NY Times. <br><br>
"It has heart, wit and a surprisingly zany passion that must carry all before it…it would certainly be a crime for anyone interested in the theatre not to see this play." —NY Post. <br><br>
"From time to time a play comes along that restores one's faith in theatre…" —NY Magazine.

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