CREATIVE JUMP-IN: Sun Valley Stones—Oil painting with Sarah Bird
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CREATIVE JUMP-IN: Sun Valley Stones—Oil Painting

with Sarah Bird

Saturday, September 4, 2021 - 9:00 AM

During this class, students will select stones from the Big Wood River and use those stones as the subject matter for their own realist still life painting. Sarah will guide students as they look at closely observed, intimate still life paintings from art history to inform their compositions. Because the class focuses on such subtle subjects, students will take their time, first making fine pencil drawings and then painting in oils. Using a pre-modern approach to oil painting—finishing as they go—participants will learn how to understand and overcome optical illusions when seeing, mixing, and applying paint. Narrowing subject matter to stones will allow students to create elegant studies that convey form, weight and texture.

This class will appeal to students who can or want to see and explore a whole landscape in a few stones. A comfort with oil painting will be an asset in this class, as the techniques are advanced, but all painters are welcome, and everyone can benefit from the concepts and process of realist painting. Sarah will demonstrate drawing or painting each morning for the group and guide each student through their still life one on one. Some supplies such as painting panels, mineral spirits, paper, pencils, jars and value scales will be provided.

Students will receive a list of materials they should bring with them.

18 and older, beginners welcome!

This three-day workshop takes place Fri–Sun, Sep 3–5,from 9am–1pm daily.

About the Instructor

Sarah Bird studied oil painting at the Grand Central Atelier in New York, a technique-based art school that seeks to revive the nineteenth-century art education tradition. The curriculum focused on creating the illusion of form through perfect value and color. Now Sarah uses these skills to create still life paintings that celebrate the textures of natural objects.

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