TEEN WORKSHOP: The Art of Collograph Printmaking

TEEN WORKSHOP: The Art of Collagraph Printmaking

with Caty Kendall (for students in grades 6–12)

Saturday, September 17, 2022 - 2:00 PM

Come explore the art of collagraph printmaking with Caty Kendall. Derived from the word kolla meaning to glue and graph, creating form and line, collagraphy is a relatively recent form of printmaking. Students will create a print plate by collaging different textures and found material on to cardboard, such as fabric, bubble wrap, wallpaper and cut paper, and then make their prints either by hand or with the press. Inking up the plate each time will create a unique monoprint. The different textures and layers created on each print plate will reveal varying tones and values of color. All supplies will be provided.

This workshop takes place from 2–4pm.

About the Instructor

New to the Wood River Valley, Caty is excited to share her love of printmaking. She has an MFA from Pratt Institute and has been teaching multiple ages for more than years. Caty has been represented by multiple galleries on the East Coast. Her work is in the permanent printmaking collections of the New York Public Library and the University of Georgia.

Teen workshops are generously supported by Joyce B. Friedman.


Ticket Prices

$10, pre-registration required

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