Teen Workshop: Build an Abstract Painting

TEEN WORKSHOP: Build an Abstract Painting

with Kate O’Brien (for students in grades 6–12)

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 - 1:00 PM

In this workshop, students will explore mixing colors with acrylic paint to create an abstract painting. While looking at a blurred image that changes several times, participants will paint what they see, building up layers to create a background. As they take inspiration from contemporary artists and incorporate elements of abstraction, students’ paintings will transform and be personalized. Throughout this workshop, students will try new techniques and embrace different perspectives. This is sure to be an opportunity to be expressive and have fun! No experience necessary.

This workshop takes place from 1–4pm.

About The Instructor

Kate O’Brien is a middle school art teacher and mixed media artist with a focus on radial designs and environmental issues. Drawing inspiration from observations in nature and a sense of place, Kate creates intricate mandala designs. The patterns capture the simple, organic, and geometric lines of the natural world. When she’s not making careful, calculated marks, Kate loves to create loose, colorful, and intuitive abstract paintings. She is constantly evolving her artistic practice and can be found climbing on mountains or swimming in rivers, always with a sketchbook nearby.

Teen workshops are generously supported by Joyce B. Friedman.


Ticket Prices

$10, pre-registration required

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