TEEN WORKSHOP: A New Look for Photography: Using Objects to Add Emotion to a

TEEN WORKSHOP: A New Look for Photography

Using Objects to Add Emotion to a Photograph

Sunday, March 6, 2022 - 10:00 AM

Use a photo of a family member to make an original collage! Students are invited to bring an original photo that they will photocopy for use in the collage, along with other craft items, such as buttons, feathers, twine, paint and even coffee, to reflect the personality of the subject as the artist knows them. The instructor will provide examples and books to get your creative juices flowing. Students are to bring an image of a loved one (including pets) to the class.

This workshop takes place from 10am–12pm.

About the Instructor
Amanda René Nagy is a Nashville native who moved to the Wood River Valley 11 years ago. She graduated from Watkins College of Art, Design & Film with a BFA in Photography. In her high school photography class, she learned hand painting, an antique way to add life to a monochrome photograph. This class sparked interest in experimenting with multiple art mediums in combination with photographs. When she is not teaching, she is a full-time photographer of everyday life events.
Teen workshops are generously supported by Joyce B. Friedman.


Ticket Prices

$10, pre-registration required