Company of Fools 25th Anniversary Season

Company of Fools 25th Anniversary Season

As we approach the end of the 24th season, we are preparing to celebrate a remarkable milestone: Company of Fools' 25th Anniversary!

Twenty-five years of bringing great stories, boldly told, to residents of the Wood River Valley.

Twenty-five years of love, laughter, tears, shock, delight, slapstick, romance, community, tragedy, and joy for thousands of audience members.

To prepare for our biggest, boldest season ever, we are asking each and every one of our supporters and fans to consider making a SPECIAL 25th ANNIVERSARY GIFT—a generous donation to help us start the 25th season in the strongest position ever.

Over the coming months we are hoping to receive:

•  10 donations of $25,000

•  100 donations of $2,500

•  1,000 donations of $250

•  As many $25 gifts as possible!!!

All told, we could raise more than $750,000 to support this remarkable milestone, and to ensure The Fools start our historic anniversary strong, vital, and vibrant.

Please consider making a donation, in ANY amount, to help celebrate our 25th season! Every donation helps, and we couldn't be more excited to share the 25th season with you.