Membership Matters

Thank you to all our supporters!

We are grateful to the following individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies for their financial support of our annual operations and programming during the period June 1, 2019–May 31, 2020.

Sun Valley Museum of Art enriches our community through transformative and education experiences. We are so grateful for the support of all the individuals, businesses and foundations who believe in the impact the arts make in the lives or individuals, our community, and society at large.

 Your contribution makes a difference in our community and beyond.


Anonymous (2)
Christine Welcker and Robert Bartholomew
Wells Fargo—The Private Bank
Wendy and Alan Pesky—Pesky Family Foundation
Tedde and James Reid
Katherine and Buffalo Rixon
Trish and Dave Wilson
Barbara and Stanley Zax

$25,000 – $49,999

Lisa Rose and Marty P. Albertson
Ginger and Don Brandt
Liz Brown
Mary Constant
Susan Flynt
Ellen and James Gillespie—von der Heyden Family Foundation
Barbara and John Lehman
Kipp Nelson Foundation
Linda and Bill Nicholson
Ann and John Partridge
Eileen Shields
Richard Smooke and Family in loving memory of Judith Smooke
Carol Swig
Roselyne C. Swig

$10,000 – $24,999

Lyn and David Anderson
Grace Harvey and John W. Bailey
Quin and Peter Curran—Peco Foundation
Kim Kawaguchi and Bob Disbrow
Kathy Dotzler
The Michael S. Engl Family Foundation
Sandra and Chip Fisher
Ginny and Peter Foreman
Maria and Clark Gerhardt
Susan and Ronald Greenspan
Barbara and Tod Hamachek
Kathy and Joe Hardiman—The Hardiman Family Foundation
Kay Hardy and Gregory Kaslo
Carol and Len Harlig
Teresa and John Heinz III Fund of the Heinz Family Foundation
Vivian and Brian Henderson
Geri Herbert
H. John Heinz Family Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation
Cynthia and Blair Hull—Hull Family Foundation
Philip Isles—Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc.
James John and Craig Hartman
Tracy and Greg Johnson Foundation
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Levitan Family Foundation
Kenneth Lewis
Marcia and Don Liebich
Manitou Fund
Judith and Marshall Meyer—The Judith and Marshall Meyer Foundation
Jeanne Meyers
Jane Rosen and Scott Miley—Scott Miley Roofing
Thomas Perakos
Bernice and Milton Stern Foundation
Trina and Jake Peters
Priscilla Pittiglio
David A. Pyle
Jan and Michael Quinn—The Quinn Family Foundation, Inc.
Robert Rand
Julie and Preston Sargent
Jane and Ed Springman
The James J. Colt Foundation, Inc.
Caryn and Robert Tyre
Spur Community Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Lisa and Richard Altig
Carolyn Corvi and John Bates—Seattle Foundation
Diane and Danny Benjamin
Amber Busuttil Mullen
JoAnn and Ronald Busuttil
Dan and Micki Chapin—Dan and Micki Chapin Fund, Inc.
Cox Communications
Wendy Drasdo
Linda and Bob Edwards
Susan Engs
Ginny and Peter Foreman—Sirius Fund
Fernando Frias
Suzanne L. Gerlits
Patricia Duetting and Richard Hare
Dan and Jodie Hunt—Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Glenn C. Janss
Kathleen M. Jones
Molly and Kurt Lansing
Jennifer and Chris Laporte
Constance Lawton and Jim Yoder
Robin Leavitt and Terry Friedlander
Tracy and John Lee
Curt Leland
Laura Rose-Lewis and Scott Lewis
Hector Lizardi
Janette MacDonell
Willa and Jim McLaughlin
Gabriela Murgatroyd
Carol P. Nie
Brittain and Peter Palmedo
Debra and Jay Platt
Virginia and Don Robb
The Oregon Community Foundation
The Selby Famly
Gail Severn
Ramona and Allen Shamooilian
Davin Staats
Betsi and David Steinberg—Steinberg Family Foundation
Lisa Stelck and Bill Boeger
The Swig Foundation
Sis and Billy Weidner
Henry Whiting
Jennifer Wilson
Wolfson Family Foundations—Jeri L. Wolfson

$2,500 – $4,999

Stephanie and Tom Baldwin
Joanne and Ted Baseler
Leslie Benz
Manijeh and Arthur Brueggeman
Blakesley and Cyril Chappellet
Guy Cherp
Mary Lee Copp
Kelly C. Corroon and Michael A. Jones
The Dawson Family
Dianne Dillingham
Candace and Richard Emsiek
Lynda Fredrickson
Jane Letourneau and John Frey
Joyce B. Friedman in Memory of Norman Friedman
Shari Friedman and Andrew King
Karen and Ned Gilhuly—Gilhuly Family Foundation
Joyce Gordon and Eric Remais
Roger and Margaret Gould
Sue and Tim Hamilton
Sylvia and Ronnie Hartman
Kimberley and Allan Henderson
Ellyn Hennecke
Caroline and Stephen Hobbs
Admiral Jay and Sydney Johnson
Laura and Robert Kantor
Larsen Fund
Betsy and Ben Lawrence
Judith W. Levy
Kiki and Wayne Martin
Claudia McCain
Rob McGowan
Louisa Moats and Steve Mitchell
Patricia Aluisi and John Montague
Julie Weston and Gerry Morrison
Edsel B. Ford II Fund
Rebecca and Jonathan Neeley
Suzy Orb
Melanie Paisley and Kristin Poole
Jan Philipsborn and Mitchell Hollins
Sharon and Tom Pyle
Elizabeth and Robert Reniers
Kathryn and Kirk Riedinger
Carlyn Ring
Elisa Schutz
Carol Shephard
Sharon and Bill Shubin—The Bill and Sharon Shubin Family Foundation, Inc.
John A. Sofro
Allison Speer and Fred Moll
Michelle and Chris Stephens
Lynn and Mikal Thomsen
Gail Thornton
Pamala and Michael Towers
Cynthia King Vance and Lee Vance—Lee and Cynthia Vance Foundation
Maryanne and Jerry Whitcomb
Lisa and Dave Whorton
Rebecca Wilkinson—The Marshall Frankel Foundation
Suzanne Williams
Sarah and David Woodward
Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation, Inc.

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (3)
A.C. Houston Lumber Co.
Lesley Andrus
Gwynn and Mitchel August
Amy and Rich Aurilia
The Warrington Foundation
Wendy and Beau Barnes
Jimmy Bates
Prema Behan
Tina and Simon Beriro
Christie and Timothy Black
The Borman Family
Linda and Clay Bowling
Anita Braker and Dave Olsen
Kristine Bretall
Kelly and Michael Browne
Heidi Campbell
Judith and Jeffrey Camps
Danielle and Kenton Carruth
Penny and Buzz Coe
Robert S. Colman
Kingsley and Jack Croul—Croul Family Foundation
Anne and James F. Crumpacker
Carolyn Cullen
Julia Damasco
Penelope and James W. DeYoung
Nancy and Michael Domaille
Ann Dooley
Amy Edgy
Ann and Mark Edlen
Elmore Fund
Alexandra and John Engs
LeeAnn and Dick Fairfield
Ellen and Joe Fastow
The Papoose Club
Jamie Forese
Lance Fox
Bunker and Larry Frank
Myrna and Tom Frankel
Felicitas Funke
Lorraine and Richard Gilden
Deana and Morley Golden
Gregg Renfrew
Peggy and Samuel Grossman
Kelly Gunderman
Susan and David Haas—Jewish Communal Fund
Aly and Brad Harrington
Harris Foundation
Yvette and Scott Harris
Hobbs Builders LLC
Mary and Alan Hogg
Bob Houston
The Sanford Foundation
Eleanor Jeffrey
Sonya Johnston
Louis Kempinsky
Wendy and David Kistler
Dan Kosta
Bonnie and Peter Kremer
Carole Lewis and Ted Walczak
Carolyn and John Lloyd
Lloyd Construction, Inc.
Susan Martin
Jolene and Mark Masur
Elizabeth Mathieu
Ashley McCulloch
Victoria and Bill McCurley
Franklin Weinberg Fund
Meredith Monson
Carol and Dave Mutzel
Janet Nathanail and William Flanz
Holly Myers and Kirk Neely
Judith and Donald Nickelson
Esther and Michael Ochsman
Lori and Chris Ode
The Perlman Family Foundation—Ellen Hanson and Richard E. Perlman
Elaine and Mike Phillips
Joseph Proto
Joy and Jack Prudek
Michael Reinbold
Marline J. Rennels
Rhonda Robbins, M.D.
The Rogers Foundation
Susan Reinstein and Brian Ross
R. L. Rowsey
San Francisco Foundation
Rockwell and Marna Schnabel Foundation
Ann and Irwin Sentilles
John Sheppard
Krista Lida Simor
Marcia and Brig Smart— Smart Family Charitable Fund
St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center
Megan Stevenson
Susan Swig
Julie and Bryan Syrdal
Judith Teller Kaye and David Kaye
Kay Tenney
Thurston Charitable Foundation
Taylor and Mark Ullman
Kathryn Urban
Lisa and Gary Voigt—Voigt Foundation
Barbara Walker
Power Engineers, Inc.
Kiwanis Club of Hailey and the Wood River Valley
Gail and Rhys Wilkie
Cornerstone Advisors Inc.
Rhea S. Schwartz and Paul M. Wolff Foundation
Ward W. Woods—The Woods Foundation
Julie and Tony Zanze
Patience and Bob Ziebarth

$500 – $999

Anonymous (3)
Altitude Events
Elizabeth and John Ashton
Mary Bachman and William Downing
Peter Baxter
John and Pamela Beckert Family Foundation
Carolyn and Donald Benson
Robert Beyer
Susan and Arnold Blair
The Blank Family Foundation, Inc.
Fred Boelter
Carol Boswell
Christine Bracher—Wood River Women’s Foundation
Scott Buehler
Elizabeth and Jack Bunce
Calista and Tim Carter
Kim and Andy Castellano
Aimee Christensen
Kathy Crosson
Trudy Dane
Dang’s Thai Cuisine
Christine and Tyler Davis-Jeffers
Karen and Marc de Saint Phalle
Peggy Dean
Cris and Richard Deposit
Carey and John Dondero
Ann Down
Debra and Lyman Drake
Sue and Earl Engelmann
Gail Erickson
Pam and Ronald Fairfax
Jeanne and Roger Foreman
Alli Frank
Alisa Freundlich
Christine and Curtis Gardner
Sarah Gardner
Judith and Ernest Getto
Debbie and Bob Gilbert
Betty Gray
Pirie Grossman
Julie and Tad Gulick
Kim and John Hagenbuch
Mark Hancock
Sherry Harkins
Michael and Irene Healy Charitable Fund
Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Betty and Dick Hedreen
Rebekah and Lawrence Helzel
Gina Holenstein
Ashley and Andrew Hossman
Bobbi R. Hunt
Geoffrey J. Isles
Katrina Jankowski and Derek Dean
Wendy and Jim Jaquet
Judy Jellinek
Kimberlee and Mark Krouse
Leslie and Michael Lanahan
Jennifer and Joe Lavigne
Debra and Jack Levin
Teri Jo Lientz
Melissa and Gary Lipton
Julia Long
Mila and Marty Lyon
Gayle Marie
Carole and Michael Marks
Flora Mason
Susan Q. and James E. McGuigan
Trina and Joe McNeal
Robert Meyers
Alexander Mills
Lili and Ambrose Monell
The New York Community Trust
Ann and Tom Morris
Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy
Jerald Musselman
Holbrook Newman
Linda Nicholson—Wood River Women’s Foundation
Alexandra Niederauer
Eli Nikitin
Beverly and Robert O’Neill
Susan Passovoy
Viki and Al Rankin
Laurie Reighley
Bev and Brent Robinson
Ellen and Arthur Rubinfeld
Lynda and Robert Safron
Janet Schaumburg
Vicki and Glen Shapiro
Barbara and Richard Shelton
Barbara and Glenn Silcott
Denise Simone and Greg Cappel
Linda and Richard Slade
Thomas W. Smith—Thomas W. Smith Foundation
Alexis and Andrew Sweet
Nancy and Peter Thomas
Charlotte Unger
Christie and Dave Vik
Anita Weissberg
Judy and Tommy Wells
Sonya and Mats Wilander
The John and Gina Wolcott Foundation
Kristine Wood
The Worcester Family
Lisa Nemec and Edward Zbella

$250 – $499

Anonymous (8)
Eric Ahlm
Karen and Scott Alpert
Christie and Graham Anderson
Andrew Arulanandam
Shannon Avery
Maureen and Donald Baker
Kim Baltzell and John Maine
Brittany Barker
Judi Richard Bartoccini
Jimmy Bates
Janine Bear
Beckert Family Foundation
Kay and Gus Benz
Ruthe Betti
Kristin Bevers
Lynda Black
Ruth Blaha
Roberta and Ron Bloom
Marilyn Borcher
Sandy and Larry Bosley
JoAnn Boswell
Katie Brennan
Lance Brewer
Sue Bridgman Florist
Pat and Rick Bruder
Michaela Buccola
Elizabeth and Jack Bunce
Shannon and Pat Cahill
Stephen Cannon
Scott Cantor
Stephanie Chamberlain
Frances Cheston
Lauren Chiara
John Claster
Linda and Leonard Cohen
Nancy Cohn
Mary and Michael Colhoun
Shannon Conklin
Dayna Corwin
Cate Cox
Diann Craven
Susan and Gary Crowe
Kate Daly
Sarah Davies
Karen and Marc de Saint Phalle
Peggy Dean
George Dempsey
Susan Denekas
Cris and Richard Deposit
Kristi and Bob Diercks
Susan Dobias and Jim Ruscitto
Carey and John Dondero
Mike Doty
Miren and Willis duPont
Gail Dwyer
Sue and Earl Engelmann
Alexandra and John Engs
Gail Erickson
Jill and Mark Eshman
Elissa Eva
Joyce Fabre and Craig Randle
LeeAnn and Dick Fairfield
Kim and Dr. Dan Fairman
Janet and Gregg Falcone
Jackie and Chris Flanigan
Stephanie and Harold Fowler
Samuel Freeman
Margery and Woody Friedlander
Danielle Fuller
Brooke and Dylan Fullmer
Cathy and Clark Furlow
Claudia and John Gaeddert
Louise and Donald Gallagher
Robert Garrison
Susan Gellatly
Patti Gentry
Judith and Ernest Getto
Susan Giannettino and James Keller
Kate and Peter Geagan
Colleen and Jack Gilligan
Benita and Bert Ginsberg
Samuel Goff
Jennifer and Mike Goitiandia
Michelle and Baird Gourlay
Corey Graham
Fran and Jed Gray
Betty and Peter Gray
Jeffery Greenwood
Pirie Grossman
Susan and David Haas
Eileen Hansen and Jay Graham
Ellen Harris
Julie and Jeffrey Haskell
Lynne and Stephen Heidel
Margie and Jim Hill
Sandra Hill
Stefanie Holcomb
Helen and Keith Holley
Lisa Holley
Stephanie Honan
Karl Hostetler
Bobbi R. Hunt
Idaho Lumber
Richard A. Hunter
Barb and Dan Hurlbutt
Idaho Mountain Express
Codrin Iorga
Janet Jarvis
Beverly and Don Jefferson
Anne Jeffery and Jack Sept
Laurie Joseph
Laura and Robert Kantor
Laura Kelley
Michael Kelly
Jamey Kern
Gloria Kimball and Bill Schliiter
Polly and Don King
Lee Kranefuss
Kimberlee and Mark Krouse
Barbara Kruse
Julie and Peter LaFleur
Ginna Parsons Lagergren
  and Ken Lagergren
James Lake
Alice and Robert Lane
Cynthia Langlois
Claudia Larkin
Susan Larson
Ann Leonardo
Debra and Jack Levin
Kathie Levison
Carla Lewis
Andrea and James Lieberman
LeeAnne Linderman
Sean Litton
Kevin Livingston
Julia Long
Elise Lufkin
Elliot Lurie
Sarah Lurie
Mila and Marty Lyon
Gina and Alex MacDonald
Marge MacLaughlin
Kathy and Randy MacMillan
Jan and Bob Main
Mary and Stephen Malkmus
Jeff Malmen
Ken Marble
Michael Marquart
Sarah and Michael Mars
Kiki and Wayne Martin
Flora Mason
Anne and Scott Mason
Patricia McCarrick and Ken Luplow
Trina and Joe McNeal
Julie and Steve Meineke
Claudia and Laine Meyer
Louisa Moats and Steve Mitchell
Fan and Jim Moberg
Diane and Peter Mohn
Thomas Monge
Laurie Munoz-Flores
Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy
Dr. Bettina Murray
Carol Mutzel
Brenda Nancarrow
Lisa Nemec and Edward Zbella
Dawn Odell
Mia and Paul Oelerich
Cindi and Todd Osborn
Deborah Park
Susan Parslow
Robin Paschall
Candice and Josh Pate
Jane Beebe
Susan and Reuben Perin
Brooke Peterson
Erika Phillips
Ken Pierce
William L. Pierpoint
Phoebe Pilaro
Mark Pitzer
Dee Pritchard
Patrick Rainey
Martha and Gerald Randklev
Ellie Reed
Marline J. Rennels
Diane Rice and Spencer Hosie
Barbara and David Rognlien
Jani and Terry Ross
Nini and Jeffrey Sakaguchi
Ellen Sanders
Susan Scannell
Rachel Schnebele
Martha and William Scott
Susan and Eric Seder
Mary and James Sedin
David Seelos
John A. Seiller, Attorney at Law, PLLC
Sarah Sentilles
Priscilla Sheerin
Nancy and David Sheffner
Rochelle and Vincent Sisilli
Becky and Pete Smith
James Soran
Sue Squier
Michelle and Chris Stephens
Megan Stevenson
Nan and Larry Stone
Kari and Greg Strimple
Brad Suskind
Spooky and James Taft
Kim Taylor and John Milner
Dick Taylor
Lynn and Mikal Thomsen
John R. Lane
Dookie and Bill Tingue
Kristen Tvedt
Maddy Uhrig
Kathryn Urban
Joan and John Valaas
Alison Forbes Van Hook
  and Andrew Van Hook
Jena and Bill Vasconcellos
Paula and Ed Viesturs
Kari and Robert Vincent
Gretchen Wagner
Stephen Wall
Gwen Walters
Christine Warjone Art
Nancy and William Warren
Dr. Stephen Wasilewski
Starr Weekes
Jane Welch
Judy and Tommy Wells
Chantal Westerman
Barbara and Michael Wilkinson
Doug Wilson
Nancy L. Winton
Kristine Wood
Joan Wrede
Charles Wright
Kevyn Wynn
Gisela Zechmeister
  and Michael Faison
Christi Zommers

 $100 – $249

Anonymous (14)
Sherry and Douglas Aanestad
Allison Adare
Sue Conner and Samuel Adicoff
Patti and Peter Ahrens
Arnold Aigen
Corey Allen
Kristen and Robert Allen
Lisa-Marie Allen and Peter Hendricks
Frederick Allington
Yulia Almann
Karen and Scott Alpert
Ruth and Marshall Ames
Arthur Anderson
Jannette Williams and Charles Anderson
Hillary and Kirk Anderson
Kristin and Pete Anderson
Rachel Anderson
Terry and Robert Anderson
Adam Angel
Lisa Antry
Lynn and John Archer
Lindsey and Joseph Armeen
Judith Arvidson
Laurie Ashby
Claudia Aulum
George Bagley
Beverly Baird
Colleen Baker
Brittany Barker
Blake Barrow
Brian Barsotti
Janet and John Barton
Jay Basen
Summer Bauer
Maria Beattie
Steven Beck
Jody Beckwith
Allison Benners
Ben Benson
Dell-Ann Benson
Tiffany Berger
Kate and Andy Berman
Kristin and Christopher Bigelow
Roscoe Black
Errin Bliss
Rebecca Bloom
Kathleen and Hugh Blue
Toni and Matt Bogue
Nancy Bohannon
Karen and Charles Bohlke
Kari Bohlke
Alison Higdon and Peter Boice
Joy Bond
Patricia and Don Boortz
Marilyn and Stephen Bornemeier
Robert Bradford
Shannon Brandenburg
Kenneth Brantley
Toni and Peter Breck
Julie Brewer
Deborah and Jason Brickley
Paige Brooks
Andrea Brown
Kia Brown
Stormi Brown
Grey Bryan
Emily Buchwalter
Tawny Buck
Paula Buckendorf
Morgan R. Buckert
David Burdge
Chris Burget
Deborah Burns
Sara and Ned Burns
Donna and Steve Burnstead
Jan and Gerry Burrell
Jay Burrell
Scott Buxton
Alice and John Calvert
Richard Capalbo
Tracey and Mark Caraluzzi
Jennifer Card and Jim Laski
Michael Carr
Cassie Carroll
Lenore Carroll
Donna and Tom Carvey
Craig Casperson
Loretta Cayton
Robi Chalmers
Frances Cheston
Maura Christensen
Barbara and Ed Christian
Susan Claman
Joan Clark
Erin and Neil Clark
Karen Clarkson
Julie Cohen
Linda and Leonard Cohen
Caroline Coiner
Jacqueline Cole
Patrice and Mark Cole
Sheri Cole
Christopher Coleman
Pamela Colesworthy
Deborah Commons
Candace Comstock
Jane Conard and Richard Maneval
Sean Cook
Stephen Cook
Sandie and Greg Cooke
Andrea Cookston
Nancy and Charles Cord
Susan and James Costanzo
Kristen Coulter
Glenda Cox
Jan Cox
Karen and Carter Cox
Tim Cron
Joan and Ralph Crowley
Cornelius C. Crusel Jr.
Missy and Tipp Cullen
Claire Currie
Matthew Currie
Betsy and Roger Dailey
Hilary Davis
Lauren and Richard Davis
Danni and John Dean
Anne Deangelo
Mary Kim Deffe
Andria Friesen and Robert DeGennaro
Kim and Kevin Delaney
Oliver Delobbe
Jean and Peter Deluca
George Dempsey
Annette Denker
Amy and Steve Dennison
Brett Deuter
Amie Dirienzo
Bob Dix
Kimrick Dolson
Marilyn and Gary Donofrio
Steve Dorinson
Clifford Dorr
Buck Drew
Nancy and Ken Dreyer
Kathryn and John Driscoll
Kristina and Kenneth Dudunakis
Michelle and David Duffield
Cyndi and Brad DuFur
Jane Dyndiuk
Maija and Al Eerkes
Rebecca Eichhorn
Ann and Leon Ellis
Gary Engman
Jeff Erhardt
Stephanie and Andy Evans
Gisela Zechmeister and Michael Faison
Anette and Thad Farnham
Scott Featherstone
Melinda and James Feldbaum
Christine Ferguson and Dave Berman
Pat Ferguson
Jeanni Ferrari
Claudia Fiaschetti
Maggie and David Fields
Sandra and John Flattery
Jamie and Scott Floden
Marybeth Flower
Michele Floyd
Mary Foust
Nikkole Frazier
Margery and Bernard Friedlander
Gretel and Charles Friedman
Carla Friedrich Polaszek
Tess O’Sullivan and Jeremy Fryberger
Arthur Galloway
James Gandolfi
Kathryn and Robert Gardner
Teresa Garen and Herberth Corrales
Bonnie and Steve Garman
Carla and John Garrison
Stacy Geissler
Jandina Gelormino
Kathy and George Gibson
Courtney Gilbert and Jim Keating
Sally Gillespie
Lauren Gilmour
Pearl Glaves
Carol and Scott Glenn
Bruce Gondry
Michele Grabher
Ann Granger
Nancy Grant
Jami and Mark Grassi
Lynn and Austin Gray
Stephanie Greenawalt
Jeanne and Jacob Greenberg
Teresa Gregory
Candace Grier
Lisa and Tom Griffith
Susan and William Gundy
Brenda and Al Hackel
Don Haisley
Gwen Hall
Jenna and Robert Hall
Sally Halstead
Karen Hand
Tiffanie and David Hanks
Marilee Hansen
Stephanie Hansen and Heidi Husbands
Brett Hanson
Chris Harding
Katherine Harmon
Julie Harris
Patti Harris
Megan Hart
Gundl and John Haskell
Linda and Ron Hatzenbuehler
Suzanne Hausner
Jude Hawkes and Charlie Pomeroy
Happy Hawn
Suzy Hayes
Hope Hayward and Walter Eisank
Jerry Ann and John Heaney
Roberta and Tom Heinrich
Elizabeth and Maunsel Hickey
Janice Hicks
Pat and Alex Higgins
Margie and Jim Hill
Cynthia and Quentin Hills
Margaret and Harvey Hinman
Stuart Hoag
Kamie Hobbs Berkey
Denise and Bill Hodges
Annie Hodgson
Louis Hoffer
Connie and Gary Hoffman
Wendolyn Holland
Carol Dunne Holman
LuAnn and George Holmes
Jeff Homchick
Esta Hornstein
Susanna Howard
Bert Hughes
Kathryn and Terry Hulburt
Gretchen Hundertmark
Idaho Lumber
Carol Hutchinson
Libby Huyck
George Iliff
Codrin Iorga
Betty and Mark Irvine
Carol Iwanaga
Ellen and Paul James
Rachael Jarman
Craig Jensen
Kelley Jensen
Eleanor Jewett and Eric Rogers
Stacey and John Rutherford
Gregory Johnson
Judith Kindler and Kyle Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Pamela Jones-Anderson
Allen Jones
Ruth Gaylord Jones
Nancy Jordan
Harriet and Stan Joseph
Patricia and Douglas Kaiser
Robin Kanowsky
Bridget and Rick Kapala
Lynn and Bruce Kaplan
Kimberly Karp
Jeffrey Katz
Bruce Kaufman
Liz Keegan
Don Keller
Gina Kelley
David Kendall
Nelda and Bob Kendall
Marcia Kent and Frank Halverson
Cherie and Rick Kessler
April Kieburtz
Natalie Kieser
Gloria Kimball and Warren Schliter
Linda Kimball
Colin Kincaid
Polly and Don King
Nancy and Bill Kirby
Ron Kleist
Sandy Kling
Johannes Koch
Lisa Kohler
Lorna and Randy Kolash
Katie Kope
Ken Kope
Nancy and Peter Koury
Madi Kraus
Nancy and Michael Kraynick
Nicole Lagacé Toeldte
Marissa Larochelle
Susan Larson
Lisa and Michael Leach
Terri and Richard LeFaivre
Keith Leffelman
Laurie and Christopher Leman
Debbie Lemman
Margaret McKain and Thomas Lenze
Susan Leonardson
Katherine Levin
Kathie Levison
Jo Ann and Buck Levy
Scott Levy
Valerie Lewis
Trond Liaboe
Glenn Lindsley
Karen Little
Kevin Livingston
Elise Lobel
David Logsdon
Valerie Logsdon
Patti Lousen and Tom Bowman
Corey Lovering
Courtney and Ward Loving
Maya and Mark Lovlien
Lane Lowry
Elise Lufkin and Amos Galpin
Elliot Lurie
Phillip Mabry
John MacCarthy
Larry Mace
Nancy MacKinnon and David Perkins
Kathy and Randy MacMillan
Jory Magidson
The Maneval Reister Conard Family Foundation
Cathy Mann
Pam Mann and Mark Miller
Stefanie and Jon Marvel
Cindy and Tim Mascheroni
Jane Mason
Marty Matthews
Samuel May
Lawrence L. Mayle
Anita and Mike McCann
Cynthia McCoy
Heather McGregor
Mary Lou McLaren
Kathryn and Matthew McNeal
Peter McRae
Olga and David Melin
Deanna Melin
Sheila and Gerald Mells
Nancy Mendelsohn
Stephanie Mennen
Gretchen Mentzer
Andi Meucci
Claudia and Laine Meyer
Douglas Meyer
Sarah Michael and Bob Jonas
Mia and Tim Miller
Heather and Hank Minor
Jami Miscik
Lydia Missal
Amy Mistick
Marybeth and Jerry Mitchell
Heather Moller
Samuel Mollner
Marilyn Moran
Amanda and Tom Morgan
Martha Morgenthau
Mike Morris
Jill Morse
Martha Moseley
Jody Moss
Julie Muller
Melinda Murtaugh
Brenda Nancarrow
Patty Nelson
Carrie Nemec
Heather Newhouse
Tamra Nichols
J. Paris Nicholson
Janice and Jim Nikitin
Linda Jensen and Robert Nimmo
Diane Nini
Beth and Michael Noble
Carmen and Ed Northen
Anita Northwood
Drew J. Nosworthy
Carol O’Loughlin
Phyllis Odell
Paul Oelerich
Sally Okaya
Kristen and Michael Olenick
Kayla Otto
Debra and Joseph Pabst
Marcia Page
Deborah and Jeffrey Park
Bret Parsons
Linda and Ron Parsons
Phyllis C. Parvin
Kirsten Paterson
Joyce and Ernie Patricelli
Mark Patterson
Kristine Paxton
Linda Sawyer-Pearmine and Larry Pearmine
Diane Derocher and James Pearre
Patty Pedersen
Daren Pennell
James W. Perkins
Kim Pertel
Carolyn Peterson
Katherine Peterson
Brynda and Craig Petrie
Greg Pfeiffer
Amber Piirainen
Phoebe Pilaro
Abigail Piron
Marci Platt
Terry and Gordon Player
Mike Pogue
Cynthia and William Polenske
Matthew Potter
Don Potts
Amy Powless
Mildred Presher
Shannon and David Presson
Rob Prew
Ann Puchner
Nanci Quesada
Susie Quinn Fortner and Scott Fortner
Katherine and Michael Rabalais
Gabrielle and Kyle Rafford
Margot and Carter Ramsay
Martha and Gerald Randklev
Barry Rathfon
Enid Rawlings
Evie Reed
Kathy Reeder
Grace and Marc Reinemann
Joy and Ken Rempe
Lauren Reynoldson
Lisa Riddiough
Ralph Riedel
Lisa Riley
Nancy and Jim Rivetts
RC Investments
Amy Plato Roberts
Bruce Rogers
Kathleen Rogers
Susan Minford and Brad Roos
Lisa and Harry Rosenthal
Janet Ross-Heiner
Victoria Rossin
Tamra and Jason Roth
Cathie Royston
Paul Ruehl
Kristen Ruffing
Kathryn Runnells
Phebe Thorne and Neil Ryan
Elizabeth Ryan
Marilyn Sadler
Carol and Mike Sampson
Lynda Sanders and Bill Lee
Michelle and Duftan Sandoz
Scott Savage
Steven Schafer
Miriam Schneider
Travis Schneider
Rebecca and Larry Schoen
Geoffrey Schroeder
The Schwartz Family
Stephen Schwerdfeger
Martha and Ted Schwerdtle
Mary and James Sedin
Kimberly and Jeffrey T. Seely
Janine Seymour
Donna Shahbaz
Ray Ann Kremer and George H. Shapiro
Kerry Sharp
Caron Shay
Stacy Shearer
Priscilla Sheerin
Heidi Shelton
Dan Shields
Margot and Robert Shuford
Wendy Shupe
Robin Sias
Matt Sims
Luanne and Nathan Skow
Valerie Slusser
Connie Smith
Phyllis and Phillip Smith
Anne Sprute
Pamela St. John
Jason Stahoski
Candice and Richard Stark
Heidi Stearns
Bruce Steel
Nina Steffens and Bob Brock
Sharon and Gene Steiner
Melissa Stephenson
Robin Stern
Paul Stevenson
Robert Stewart
Leslie Stocklin
Beverly Stone
Lara and David Stone
Tricia Swartling
Kent Swisher
Jean Tagliapietra
Susan Tavarez
Aleta Taylor
Alex and Ron Taylor
Gretchen Taylor
Raymond Taylor
Kimm Terpening
Carol Tessier
Tim Thomas
Dennis Thompson
Erica Thorson
Jon Thorson
Crystal Thurston and Ted Dale
Beverly Tiffany
Jane Tillotson
Patsy and John Todd
Sonja Totland
Cristine Traxler
Wendy Trunick Minervini
Susan Tryon
Pilar and Jeff Tumolo
Sally and Roger Turner
Deena Tvinnereim
Richard Ullman
Marybeth Ursin-Smith
Joan and John Valaas
Annie and Victor Vandenberg
Regina Vanderwyst
Daniel Vellotti
Linda and Gary Vinagre
Laura and Hunter Vogel
Max Vogler
Ellen and John Wallace
Jeffrey Walters
Cindy and Ken Ward
Annelies Ware
John Warner
Ryan Waterfield and Greg Van Der Meulen
Susan and Deck Waters
Colleen and Charles Weaver
Polly Weaver
Alissa Weber
Julie and Ed Weil
Doris Weiler and Christel Nicholson
Pam and John Wells
Katherine Wessel
Joanne and Dick Wetherell
Bethann and Dennis Wheeler
Anita Whelan
Carolyn Wicklund
Melisa and Jeff Williams
Nancy Williams
Lori and Robert Williams
Sandra Willingham
Wes Wills
Ham Wilson
Mary Wilson
Linda Winnovich
Marnee and Bill Wirth
Kevin Wittman
Patti Zebrowski and Roland Wolfram
Julie and Robert Wood
Sue Woodyard
Jane and Jim Woolley
Monica Wray
Wayne Wright
Gillian Wynn
Jill Yost
Lark and Gary Young
James Young
Stefan Zachar III
Claudia Zapata

$1 – $99

Anonymous (14)
MJ Abraham
Aricka Acquistapace
Lisa and Steve Adam
Jami L. Adrian
David Alskog
Amazon Smile Foundation
Diane Anderson
Holly Anderson
Joann Anttila
Marty Arvey
Shannon Avery
Alexandra Babalis
Gail Baccheschi
Neva Baer
Sue Bailey
Peggy and John Baker
Sandra Baker
Tawni Baker and Jamie Trevino
Heidi Baldwin
Sara Baldwin
Annelle and John Ballbach
Mary Barron
Brent Barsotti
Dena Bauchman
Jane F. Beattie
Carolyn and Douglass Behse
Julie Bell
Karen Bell
Gina Bennett
Jamie Bennett
Anthony Benson
Margaret Berger
Beth McCaw and Yahn Bernier
Sara Berquist
Robin Shannon and Perry Binder
Beth and Tod Bolsinger
Harry Bolton
Johnny Bolton
Dale Boswell
James Bourret
Steven Brandwein
Amanda Breen
Leo M. Brieske
Broschofsky Galleries
Karen Brown
Christine Brumback
Rose and Matt Burbank
Laurance Burgess
Peter Burke
Barbara Butler
Kathy and Bill Butler
Cathy Butterfield
Sarah Caballero
Cathie Caccia
William Ward Carey
Bess Carter
Katja Casson
Meg Chambers
Steve Chambers
Jamie and Brian Champion
Asa Chandler
John Charney
Dorothea Cheney
Ann Christensen
Lee Chubb
Liz Clark
John Claster
Courtney Cline
Susan Coburn
Bethann Colle
JoEllen Collins
Wendy Collins
Sara E. Colwell
Cydney Conger
Elizabeth Conrad
Marion Constable
Wendy Conway
Elizabeth Cook
Robert Coplin
Diane and Geoffrey Cordes
Tamara Culp
Jackie Damerel
Heather and Art Daves
Diana David
John David Davidson
Patricia Davies
Lisa Day
Kathleen Deeter
Michelle and Frank Dega
Leslie Doheny-Hanks
Jordyn Dooley
Carrie Douglas
Laura Drake
Maureen and Paul Draper
Wendy Drewes
Caroline Dye
Robin and Sam East
Pamela Ephgrave
Andy Ersfeld
Laura Essa
Jill Farrow
Craig Feldbaum
Nancy and Chuck Ferries
Judith and Richard Firtel
Linda and Mike Fitzgerald
Todd Fleck
Neil Fleishon
Jeanne P. Flowers
Joyce Fogg
Katelyn and John Foley
Sharon Forster
Cay Fortune and John Shimer
Daniel Foster
Judy Foster
Jana and Jeff Foushee
Sheldon Frank
Tom Frazer
Diana Frazier
Cecilia Freilich
Carolyn Fuller
Brooke and Dylan Fullmer
Marisa Gallegos
Judy Gantz
Krista Gehrke
Annette Georgakopoulos
Thomas Gibbons
Josh Golden
Molly! Goodyear
Donna Gould
Marcia H. Grabow
Eileen Hansen and Jay Graham
Kathryn Graves
Caroline Grist
Stephanee Grosscup
Ginna and John Grossman
Colleen Gullickson
Jan Hafer
Norma Hale
Beth and Charles Hall
Sarah Halvorson
Courtney Hamilton
Cindy Hamlin
Dennis Hanggi
Nancy Hanneman
Kris and Angie Hansen
Sibyl W. Hanson
Toni Harlan
Nick Harman
Penny and Butch Harper
Darrel Harris
Judy and David Harrison
Kari Haugen
Jason Hausske
Robyn Henslin
Sandra Hesselbacher
Valerie Hildeburn
Marcia and Ken Hills
Marcia Hines
Victoria Hinson
Franny Hjort
Janette Hofmann
Heidi Hogan
Susan Holley
Stephanie Honan
John Hopkins
Berne and Verne Howard
Lois and William F. Hughes
Liz Insinger
Terri James and Ben Krumpe
Tom Jans
Ron Jelaco
Maureen and J. Page Jenner
Debbie Jester
Annie and Jeff Kaiser
Gerianne Johnson
Terri Johnson
Laurie Joseph
Anne Joyner
Tracey Kamber
Tami and Skip Kammer
David Karlsen
Jean and John Kearney
Annie Keenan
Christine Keenan
Paul Kenny
Lauren Keppler
Dev Khalsa Photography
Christina Kielich
Riley Kilmartin Schmidt
Carol Knight—The Toy Store
James Knight
Orla Knight
Shayla Koffler
Kirstin Kozlowski
Nancie Krankkala
Susan and Michael Kropp
Barbara Kuhn
Crystal Lamm
Greg Landrum
Cynthia Langlois
Kim Laragan-Uranga
Sarah Latham—Latham Interiors
Courtney Lauck
Laurie Lee
Jessica Levin
Karen and Greg Levin
Bill Leyrer
Art Lillis
Beverly Lingle and Bud Paul
Teresa Beahen Lipman and David Lipman
Jeanne Liston
Hannah Lynch
Julie Lynch
Karin Lyttle
Nancy Madden
Jim and Kathy Magee
Abigail Mallory
Lorraine Malone
Stephanie Manning
Heidi Marcum
Natalie Marenda
Dorrie and David Marks
Darlene Matson
Amy and Chris Mattias
Mary Kay and Lee McCollum
Dave McCormack
Rainy McDonald
April McElhinny
Molly McGary
Jeanne McGinnis
Teresa McGoffin
Anne and Lanny McLean
Lori McNee
Christy McPherson
Sally Metcalf
Tom Michael
Barb Michelsen and John Barlow
Marilyn and Ronald Miller
Leslie Minks
Susan and Jake Moe
Wood River Foundation
Karen L. Morrison
Kevin Morrissey
Maria and Michael Muir
Hilarie Neely
Alexi Nelson
Robert Nero
Bobbi and Michael Nichols
Lynne Nicholson
Dave Niedrich
Anne and Clayton Nielsen
RJ Nikula
G.B. Odmark Art / Lotus LLC
Karen Oswalt
Colleen and Jon Pace
Scott Palmer
Priscilla Panzer
Ben Parker
Ann Parry
Fran Pergola
Linda Peterson
Sandra Pfau
Susan Phillips
Marcia Pillon
Bridget Pirzynski
Heather Pollak
Randall Pollock
Brenda Powell
Josh Preece
Richard Rachlin
Bill Raebe
Marcia Rankin
Julia Raymond
Leslie and Alfredo Rego
Wendy and Jack Reilly
Hunter Reinking
Kea Rensch
Violet Resko
Keefer Reynolds
Diane Rice and Spencer Hosie
Virginia Rice
Pamela Ridgway and Rob Foulkes
Kate Riley
Peter Roberge
Ronile and Leroy Robinson
Julianne and Michael Roos
Melissa Rossa
Karen Rossi
Pfeifer-Rothner Family
Griffin Rowell
Sue and Frank Rowland
Rose Rumball-Petre and Ted Stout
Max Russell
Janet and Frank Salvoni
Steph and Clay Sammis
Pamela Sandine
Dotty and Jeff Sarchett
Heidi Sause
Ann Scales
Shawn Schumacher
Sylvia and Irv Scott
Amanda and Scott Seaward
Hayden Seder
Sarah Seppa
Celestina Settle
Phyllis Shafran
Sabrina Shalz
Robinson Shaw
Susan and Ira Shepard
Helen Shulsen
Ruth Simerly
Hillary Sinnamon
Elisa Smith
Matthew Smith
Jeffrey Smull
Dorothy Ann Snowball and Jack Stilinger
Sue Soller
Debra Spitzer
Sarah and Lincoln Spoor
David Spritzer
Josette Stellers
Tiffany Stiller
Tom Stinger
Jenny Stireman
Torrie Stokdyk
Laurie Strand
Mimi and Charles Stuart
Carly Styer
Sheila and Daniel Summers
Darci Swanson
Sandy and Tom Swanson
Janice Swanstrom
Syringa Landscape
Karen Taylor
Laura Theis
Corneil Therrien and Ed Fenwick
Emily Thomson
Kiki Tidwell
Lisa Torrence
Joanne and Bill Travers
Nancy Tsutakawa
Nan and Peter Tynberg
John Tyson
Sarah Uhlenhopp
Anthony Velo
Peta Verhaeghe
Jolie and Greg Vernoy
Carol and Mike Wade
Judith Walker
Cara Walther
Mikel and John Ward
Timothy Watts
Annie Weber
Bob Weingaertner
Tami Weinreich
Carl Wetzler
Luke Whalen
Todd Whelpley
Robert White
Sue White
Toni and Nigel Whittington
Jacqueline Wieman
Esther Williams
Jannette Williams and Charles Anderson
Kimberly Williams
Martha Williams
Elizabeth Williamson
Kit Wright
Priscilla and Dave Wyckoff
Leslie Wyss
Kari Young
Melissa Young
Sam Young
Elizabeth Yuengling

GRANTS $5,000+

Cox Communications
The Richard K. & Shirley S.
Hemingway Foundation
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Robert Lehman Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Shubert Foundation
U.S. Bank Foundation
Western States Arts Federation
Spur Community Foundation

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