Creative Jump-In: Woven Baskets with Sally Metcalf
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with Sally Metcalf

Friday, August 21, 2020 - 10:00 AM

Basket making is a meditation as well as an art form. Basketry is one of the oldest known crafts dating back to more than ten thousand years. The weaving techniques haven’t changed and the evidence is found everywhere there is civilization.

In this class, you will learn and use the twining technique to make either a 2” diameter plate or a little round box, just the right size for a ring. A lid can be made out of class. The material we use will be 4 and 7 ply waxed linen, in a multitude of beautiful colors. One of the joys of crafting with this material is watching its transformation from natural substance to art piece.

This class takes place Fri–Sun, Aug 21–23, from 10am–3pm.

Medium: Fiber

Age and ability: 16 yrs. and older, beginners welcome

About the Instructor:

A master in fine arts, Sally has been drawn to basketry for its quiet contemplative quality as well as a myriad of colors and patterns, and organic shapes. She has won numerous awards for her work, as well as having her baskets published in six books on basketry. She gets enormous joy from teaching others this craft.

Ticket Prices

 $200 members / $250 nonmembers, advanced registration required.