LECTURE: Upcycled Cocktails and Clotheskeeping with Jeanna Wigger: How and Why to Take Good Care of Your Clothes
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LECTURE: Upcycled Cocktails and Clotheskeeping—How and Why to Take Good Care of Your Clothes

with Jeanna Wigger

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 6:00 PM

Did you know, that synthetic clothing is one of the top contributors of micro plastic pollution in the world? That electric dryers use the most energy of all household appliances? That the total amount of greenhouse gases produced annually by the textile industry is more than all international flights and shipping combined?

Sustainable fashion starts in our own closets, and in this course you will learn why and how to care for your clothes to make them last and reduce your environmental impact related to your wardrobe. Discussion will include environmental impacts of different kinds of textiles, social issues in clothing production, how to remove stains and odors from clothing with the least impact on the garment and environment, and just what, exactly, are textiles like "acrylic" and "tencel"?

This lecture takes place Thu, Apr 22, from 6–7:30pm.


Jeanna Wigger has been working with and repurposing textiles for over 30 years, beginning with an upcycled denim bag made for a first grade environmental project. Her textile experience ranges from quilting, knitting, and garment sewing, to embroidery and needle felting. In 2017, she started Sage Woolens, a creative business with a mission of making useful products, including bags and home decor from discarded wool textiles, as well as mending vintage wool clothing. She loves combining her passions for teaching, history, and sewing in hands-on workshops and educational events to empower others to make sustainable, creative changes in their own lives.

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