CRAFT SERIES WORKSHOP: Visible Mending: Create Your Own Mending Kit with Jeanna Wigger
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CRAFT SERIES WORKSHOP: Visible Mending: Create Your Own Mending Kit

with Jeanna Wigger

Saturday, April 24, 2021 - 10:00 AM

Join us for a workshop to learn hand-sewing techniques for mending clothes in a decorative way. Participants will learn how to make visible repairs to denim and knits, including patches, reverse patches, and darning, as well as create a mending kit from patches that they sew during the class. Visible mending is a sustainable, thoughtful way to extend the life of your beloved clothing, by supporting a more mindful consumption of clothing through repairing more and buying less.

In addition to hands-on visible mending instruction, participants will be guided through a discussion about the history of the human relationship with clothing, the textile industry and ways we can all try to reduce our reliance on new consumption to reduce waste. Visible mending is one piece of this puzzle.

All materials are provided including a workbook with mending instructions and information about the textile industry.

This class takes place Sat, Apr 24, from 10am–5pm.

Age and ability: 15yrs and older, beginners welcome!

About the instructor: 

Jeanna Wigger has been working with and repurposing textiles for over 30 years, beginning with an upcycled denim bag made for a first grade environmental project. Her textile experience ranges from quilting, knitting, and garment sewing, to embroidery and needle felting. In 2017, she started Sage Woolens, a creative business with a mission of making useful products, including bags and home decor from discarded wool textiles, as well as mending vintage wool clothing. She loves combining her passions for teaching, history, and sewing in hands-on workshops and educational events to empower others to make sustainable, creative changes in their own lives.


2020–2021 Craft Series Workshops are generously supported by Heather Horton and Deida Runswick.
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