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FREE Creative Jump-in: Lasting Letters with Frish Brandt

Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 3:00 PM

What would you write to loved ones? The Lasting Letters workshop is an intimate 50 minute session, working one-on-one with guide Frish Brandt. Together in your session, you will compose a letter to someone who has special resonance in your life -- a letter that will be there for years to come. ​In this informal process, Frish scribes and edits as conversation flows and questions arise. The process is fluid and collaborative, both thoughtful and playful.

To reserve an appointment, please call The Center at 208-726-9491. Walk-ups will also be accommodated.

About the Instructor:
Frish Brandt has been writing letters all of her life. Her interest in Lasting Letters (aka Legacy Letters) began several years ago as life presented more and more opportunities for this work. Frish is aligned with an increasing range of palliative care doctors, chaplains, and hospices, as well as all the rest of us mortal souls, in promoting the importance of writing letters of meaning to those who are special in our lives.

Frish believes that we are the pioneers in a movement understanding that "end of life" has as much life in it as it has end.  The Sun Valley community is at the forefront of this movement. In part due to Carolyn Nystrom and her visionary work at Hospice of the Wood River Valley, this community is the ideal place to present this letter writing workshop.

Part of The Center's BIG IDEA project I Need to Tell You Something: The Lost Art of Writing and Communication Today.

This class will be offered Thu, Mar 10, 3–5pm; Fri, Mar 11, 11am–7pm and Sat, Mar 12, 11am–5pm at The Center, Ketchum.

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