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Doodle & Drink (Thoreau & Silverstein)

May 4, 2020
Doodle & Drink- Thoreau Adult

Enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of tea or a glass of milk while you join us in a fun doodling exercise using the following quote and poem to inspire a drawing!

For all ages—adults and children—for anyone!

Adult Quote for Doodling Inspiration: 

“Nature Writing”

Henry David Thoreau

Not until we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves...

Doodle Example:

Youth Poem for Doodling Inspiration:

"Dirty Face"

Shel Silverstein 

Where did you get such a dirty face,
My darling dirty-faced child?

I got it from crawling along in the dirt
And biting two buttons off Jeremy’s shirt.
I got it from chewing the roots of a rose
And digging for clams in the yard with my nose.
I got it from peeking into a dark cave
And painting myself like a Navajo brave.
I got it from playing with coal in the bin
And signing my name in cement with my chin.
I got it from rolling around on the rug
And giving the horrible dog a big hug.
I got it from finding a lost silver mine
And eating sweet blackberries right off the vine.
I got it from ice cream and wrestling and tears
And from having more fun than you’ve had in years.

Doodle Example: