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Fritz Peters—On the Value the Arts Brings to Students

July 26, 2021
Fritz Peters—SVMoA Voices

"In such times of rapid change, global crisis and pitched battles in extremist public discourse, it is the arts that help us see the positive and meaningful side of human existence and communication. Artwork can communicate injustice on a broader level than all the talking heads on the news and in social media. Schools especially must retain the arts in every discipline as possible to help our younger generation gain greater literacy through our social-emotional contexts."

"The work your educational liaisons have done in our classes for decades has been vital for our students to gain a more meaningful understanding of a specific content area. From using recycled plastic to display a watershed in Science, to building geometric shapes in Math using specific formulas, and to enriching our lives through international music groups, SVMoA has been a guardian of the arts in our public schools. Our partnership with SVMoA has been very beneficial to our staff and students."

"There are so many highlights from our partnerships that I recall, but here are a couple that standout. With our District-wide focus on Music and World languages, two acts were game-changers for me and many students: The Latin American musicians Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez provided exceptional entertainment and messaging to our Dual Immersion students at the Argyros Theatre and the memorable Black Violin Concert at WRMS provided the greatest outpouring of student excitement I have ever witnessed. I thought the bleachers were going to collapse. The key with so many of your artists you bring to us, is that they always talk about their lives when they were in school. The message of focus and not giving up is so important. I hope our partnership can continue for decades to come as your work is critical in these uncertain times."

—Fritz Peters, Principal WRMS and BCSD Acting Superintendent
Fritz Peters & Las Cafeteras Performing Arts Residency